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ShenZhen PolyCap Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is the National High-tech Enterprise. We specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of solid aluminum capacitor, own complete and advanced manufacturing technology and production lines as well as product series that including DIP type and SMD type. Product range covers 2.5v~250v, the longest working life up to 105℃ /5000 hours, the highest working temperature of 135℃, the technical indicators are the forefront of the world. The production capacity is the largest in the homeland of China, we will continue to expand production capacity to meet the growing market demand. PolyCap Ganzhou Industrial Park plant will be completed and put into production in the spring of 2016, the production capacity will be increased dramatically.

PolyCap continue to develop new products to adapt to the market for a variety of solid state capacitors demand. The company recently launched a small, large capacity solid capacitors, as well as slender type large capacity high performance solid capacitors, in order to adapt to the power of the requirement of customer for miniaturization and high-power.

Company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and actively implement the product and manufacturing technology innovation. Continue to develop new products to ensure that the product technical indicators and quality of continuous improvement and decline in costs, provide a competitive high cost solid aluminum capacitor products. There are 5 patents of invention and more than 20 patents for utility model licensing. There are more than 20 patents in the application review process. We are determined to create strong innovation momentum high-tech national brands.

We have established a complete set of quality management system and environmental management system, and have gained the ISO9001:2008 and the ISO14001:2004 Certificate. All of our products can reach the requirements of RoHS and REACH.

We implement the business philosophy that excellence pursuit of excellence, relying on excellent product performance and reliable quality and excellent sales and after-sales service to win a place in the solid aluminum capacitor market. Currently we have accumulated a number of well-known international and domestic customers, and we believe more and more high quality customers will join the application of PolyCap products family.

       During 2013~2014, PolyCap have introduced investment Technology Group Limited Company, attracting China Merchants Technology Investment Co., Ltd, China Merchants Technology Holdings Co., Ltd, TianJin Venture Capital, Shenzhen HTI Group Co., Ltd. and other well-known investment institutions. The introduction of institutional investors has greatly competitive strength of the company.

Development Goals: One of the solid aluminum capacitor main manufacturers in the world

Business philosophy: Excellence pursuit of excellence